"Exclusively......Poinsetta! "

Offering "exclusive", handcrafted dolls, candy jars and more!  

The Creative Process

Most Dolls are one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  The only Doll series that is repetitive is the "Girlz Got Game" Series.  All the Dolls you see on  this site have, more than likely, already been purchased.  If you see a Doll that you absolutely "must" have, then I can create a customized Doll resembling the one you admire.

The Dolls are made almost from scratch!  The head, hands, arms and base are all made of wood.  The wood is first stained  (light, medium and dark).  Faces are then freehand drawn on the heads and finished with paint.  Now the Dolls are ready to be assembled.  After assembly, the hardest part begins - the accessorizing - with scarves and shawls , jewelry, purses, hats, lashes, etc.,!!

The fabrics used are mostly seasonal which keeps the Dolls' uniqueness fresh and "exclusive"!  I've created over 12,000 Dolls and no two are exactly alike!  The fabrics themselves are obtained both nationally as well as internationally and add to the beauty and "exclusiveness" of each Doll.

Creativity comes from anywhere and everywhere!  I may see someone sporting a cute hairstyle and it will lead me to create a doll designed to imitate that hairstyle.  Check out the pictures below to see how I was inspired by a fabulous African gown I found.